Hacker deletes entire student newspaper website of University of Ottawa

A hacker or simply call them a cyber criminal hacked

UChicago Medicine Exposed Over 1 Million Records Of Potential Donors

Continuing on the trail of data leakages through unsecured databases,

University Of Alaska Data Breach Exposed Personal Information Of UAOnline Students

Once again, a security breach has threatened the online security

Georgia Tech Data Breach Exposed 1.3 Million Records

Another data breach comes up exposing more than a million

Yale University Data Breach Discovered 10 Years After It Occurred

Recently, Yale University discovered a security breach that supposedly targeted

Student hacks university computer; changes grade from F to B

Authorities on Wednesday arrested an engineering student from the University

Computer Systems at Carleton University Shut Down due to Ransomware

Carleton University (Canada, Ottawa, Ontario) students must keep their computers

University Student Arrested for hacking computer and changing grades

Hacking your school’s computers is no ordinary feat and it