If you remember, I wrote briefly about this automated adversary


I read a tweet about two days ago and today,

GandCrab Ransomware Discovered To Be Embedded in Super Mario Image

Researchers spotted the ransomware GandCrab embedded into a downloadable Mario

BEEMKA: Basic Electron Post-Exploitation Framework

There are a lot of applications today that use Electron

Windows 10 Update Brings Zoom In Feature To Console In Latest Insider Build

AWindows console feature that Microsoft users have been requesting for

iBombShell: A Dynamic Post-Exploitation Remote Shell

Consider you have a shell on a system and other

Cortana Flaw Lets Hackers Access Data, Reset Password On Locked Windows 10 PCs

Security researchers have found a critical flaw in Windows 10

List of Adversary Emulation Tools

Every once in a while, the security industry brings forth

UPDATE: Cuckoo Sandbox 2.0.4

My previous post was about this open source, malware analysis

ACLight: An Advanced Privileged Account Discovery Tool

Consider that you already have gotten inside a network and

PowerSAP: A PowerShell SAP Security Assessment Tool!

This post is about PowerSAP, a tool that was included in

BrowserGather – Fileless web browser information extraction

BrowserGather Fileless Extraction of Sensitive Browser Information with PowerShell This

Koadic: An Advanced Windows JScript/VBScript RAT!

All of us know that post-exploitation we need some mechanism

UPDATE: Luckystrike 2.0!

My first post regarding this malicious Microsoft Office document generator was

NetworkRecon: PowerShell to Identify Network Vulnerabilities!

As PowerShell becomes more prevalent in the Windows environment, so

WinPayloads: Generate Undetectable Windows Payloads!

An older post of mine – MicroSploit dealt with generating backdoored documents

PSAttack: A Offensive PowerShell Console!

There is a lot of fun offensive stuff being developed

mimikittenz – Powershell Tool for Extracting Juicy info from Memory RAM

A post-exploitation powershell tool for extracting juicy info from memory.