All-In-One Malware ‘Plurox’ Can Hack Your PC In ‘Three Different Ways’

Kaspersky security team has discovered a new strain of malware

Google confirms presence of Triada backdoor in cheap Android phones

Triada Banking Trojan came Preinstalled as Backdoor in Budget Android

Asus Employees Exposed Their Corporate Passwords On Github

Asus recently made it to the news due to Operation

ASUS Hack May Be Biggest Supply-Chain Incident Ever As Backdoor Leaves 1 Million Users Exposed

ASUS Live Update Utility, the online update driver used by

ShadowHammer: ASUS software updates exploited to distribute malware

The victims of ShadowHammer malware attack are Windows users. Kaspersky Lab

ShadowHammer: Hackers Installed Backdoor On 1 Million ASUS Devices

Consumer technology vendors often advise their customers to only install

Weak Security In Family Locator App Causes Location Data Leakage Of Their Customers

During the past week, a security researcher discovered a flaw

New backdoor malware hits Slack and Github platforms

The cybersecurity researchers at Trend Micro have discovered A new malware strain tapped into GitHub posts

Vulnerability in IBM SoftLayer Technology Allows Old Customers to Access New Customer Data

The firmware of a cloud server is one of the

LinkedIn Direct Messages Exploited Via “more_eggs” Backdoor

It hasn’t been that long since we reported phishing campaigns targeting

Another Commercial WordPress Plugin Gets Exploited

In the past few months, commercial WordPress plugin WP Cost

New Linux Backdoor “SpeakUp” Found Exploiting Flaws In Multiple Linux Distros

Researchers have discovered a new Trojan campaign that creates a

Iranian Cyber Espionage Group APT-39 linked to Middle East attacks

FireEye has dubbed and exposed Iranian cyber espionage group APT39,

WordPress Plugin Hacked By Former Employee

In the past few days, a popular WordPress plugin has

WordPress GDPR Compliance plugin hacked to spread backdoor

Update your GDPR Compliance plugin right now. Security researchers have identified

FELIXROOT Backdoor Has Resurfaced In Environmental Spam Campaign

After having disappeared for a few months, the FELIXROOT, a

Malicious Chrome & Edge extension drops backdoor and spy on users

Trend Micro researchers have identified malicious Google Chrome and Microsoft

New macOS malware aims at infecting devices with malicious macros

The general perception about Apple devices is that they are