UPDATE: OWASP Dependency-Check 5.1.0

My first post about this open source OWASP project was

Electronegativity: An Open Source Electron Security Auditor

Electron is a pretty recent framework for building desktop applications

UPDATE: Ostinato 0.9!

This tool came to my rescue yet again today! If

UPDATE: Cuckoo Sandbox 2.0.7

It has been some time that I posted about the

Unprotect Project: Classify Malwares Based on Known Evasion Techniques

One of the first steps in learning about a malware

UPDATE: Sysdig Falco v0.15.1

Three days ago, an updated version – Sysdig Falco v0.15.1 – was

UPDATE: OWASP Dependency-Check 5.0.0

My first post about this open source OWASP project was

UPDATE: Kali Linux 2019.2 Release

Kali Linux 2019.2, the latest and the greatest Kali Linux

UPDATE: Sysdig Falco v0.15.0

Three days ago, an updated version – Sysdig Falco v0.15.0 – was

InfoG v1.0 – An Open Source Information Gathering Tool

InfoG is a Shellscript used to gather information about a


I read a tweet about two days ago and today,

WAScan – An Open Source Web Application Scanner

Today, we are going to talk about a powerful web

UPDATE: Sysdig Falco v0.14.0

Recently, an updated version – Sysdig Falco v0.14.0 – was

Spaghetti – An Open Source Web Application Security Scanner

Spaghetti is an Open Source web application scanner, it is

Sn1per – An Automated Pentesting Framework

Sn1per is an automated scanner that can be used during

Cl0neMast3r – Install Your Hacking Tools With Ease

Cl0neMast3r is a Python script that was coded to make your

SSLyze: A Python Tool For Analyzing SSL Configurations

Today, we talk about SSLyze. SSLyze is a Python tool

Photon – A Very Handy Open Source OSINT Tool

Photon is a relatively fast crawler designed for automating OSINT