French Police Remotely Removed RETADUP Malware from 850,000 Infected PCs

The French law enforcement agency, National Gendarmerie, today announced the

Ransomware Attack Caused Power Outages in the Biggest South African City

Yesterday, some residents of Johannesburg, the largest city in South

Slack Resets Passwords For Users Who Hadn’t Changed It Since 2015 Breach

If you use Slack, a popular cloud-based team collaboration server,

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Security researchers have discovered a rare piece of Linux spyware

Watch Out! Microsoft Spotted Spike in Astaroth Fileless Malware Attacks

Security researchers at Microsoft have released details of a new

Ubuntu-Maker Canonical’s GitHub Account Gets Hacked

An unknown hacker yesterday successfully managed to hack into the

The Logic of a Classic Advanced Persistent Threat Attack

Story of an Advanced Persistent Threat attack against a large

DDoS Attacker Who Ruined Gamers’ Christmas Gets 27 Months in Prison

A 23-year-old hacker from Utah who launched a series of

Cloudflare’s recent 502 Bad Gateway outage blamed on bad software

If you are visiting a website and it is displaying

Popular Android Zombie game phish users to steal Gmail credentials

The app made its way to Google Play Store was

Office 365 Phishing Protection – Is Native Microsoft Protection Safe?

For the last couple of years, there has been a

ViceLeaker Android malware steals call recordings, photos, videos & texts

Israeli Citizens are the Primary Target of New Android Mobile

Two Florida Cities Paid $1.1 Million to Ransomware Hackers This Month

In the last two weeks, Florida has paid more than

New attack spreads LokiBot & NanoCore malware in ISO image files

Both NanoCore and LokiBot are Info-stealing Trojans. Security researchers at

Researchers exploit LTE flaws to send 50,000 fake presidential alerts

Researchers managed to cover a 50,000 seat football stadium using

New cryptomining botnet malware hits Android devices

The new malware exploits Android Debug Bridge (ADB) ports. In

Hackers using pirated software to spread new cryptomining Mac malware

If you download pirated content from torrent platforms, you can

Samsung asks users to scan their Smart TVs for malware – Here’s how to

Samsung tweeted and then deleted that tweet stating that users