Critical Vulnerability Found In Convert Plus WordPress Plugin

A serious security vulnerability has threatened the integrity of the

New York-based Non-Profit People Inc. Suffered Data Breach

Another day, another breach. Reportedly, a non-profit organization based in

Pyramid Hotel Group Exposed 85GB Of Hotel Security Logs

It hasn’t been long since we heard of the massive

Checkers Disclosed Data Breach Following POS Malware Attack

A popular food chain in the United States, Checkers and

Theta360 Exposed 11 Million Photographs Through Its Unsecured Database

Another security lapse has breached users’ privacy as the researchers

TA505 Hackers Group Modifies Remote Admin Tool as a Weaponized Hacking Tool To Attack Victims in the U.S, APAC, Europe

Threat actors from TA505 hacking group conducting new wave attack

Australia-based AmazingCo Exposed User Data Through Unsecured Database

These days, the frequency of incidents of firms leaking user

Multiple Chinese Dating Apps Focusing US Citizens Exposed 42.5 Million Records Through A Single Open Database

Amidst the “cold-war” between the US and China, comes this

London-based Snaptrip Exposed Customers’ Data Through Unsecured Database

UK-based marketing firm, Snaptrip, has recently joined the trail of

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Advanced Linux Backdoor Discovered in the Wild, Restaurant Chains Checkers

Graphic Design Service Canva Suffers Data Breach Affecting 139 Million Users

A recent victim of a security incident turns out to

Latest Hacking News Podcast #294

Chinese APT Group Emissary Panda Targeting Middle East, Widespread Cryptojacking

Hackers From Chinese APT-27 Group Initiated 15000 Attacks Against MySQL Servers to Compromise Enterprise Networks

Cybercriminals from APT-27 group targetting the high profile enterprise networks

Chinese Hackers Infect Over 50,000 Windows MS-SQL and PHPMyAdmin Servers Worldwide with 20 Different Payloads

A new China-based campaign dubbed Nansh0u targets Windows MS-SQL and

Flipboard Resets Passwords For 145 Million Users Following Data Breach

Another firm has fallen victim to a massive data breach.

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TA505 Attacks Italian Organization, Flipboard Discloses Breach, Austrailian Victorian Auditor

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China-linked Cyber-Espionage Group  Adds 2 New Loaders, Singapore To Introduce

First American Financial Exposed 885 Million Sensitive Files Online

A recent report revealed a major data leakage incident compromising