Spydan – A web spider for without using the Developer API


Spydan – A web spider for without using the Developer API

Spydan allows you to retrieve information from without an API Key and export it as CSV, JSON or XML by creating queries with given parameters.

Due to the five page limit Shodan has for standard users, the results are limited to those shown in these first pages.

Getting Started


Before you start crawling, you need to have Scrapy

pip install scrapy


You only need to worry about the file You will need to add some arguments when running Spydan. The required ones are username, password, and networks. Other arguments are ports, services, and products.

A full example is:

python adanvillarreal p455w0rd --ports 80 8080 8084 8484 --fname prueba --type json

You can get more information about arguments by executing

python -h


There is a delay between requests of 3 seconds and a limit for 2 concurrent requests due to 503 codes that I received with higher values, which are located in under the directory spydan.


Adan Villarreal


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