pom-ng – Packet-o-matic NG network forensics tool

pom ng

pom-ng – Packet-o-matic NG network forensics tool

Installing pom-ng


In order to compile pom-ng, there are several mandatory and non mandatory dependencies as well as build dependencies.

  • Build dependencies
    • gcc/binutils/make and all the base package for compiling a C application
    • autotools
    • libtool
    • pkg-config
  • Mandatory dependencies
    • libxml2
    • libmicrohttpd (>= 0.9.25)
    • xmlrpc-c (package libxmlrpc-core-c3-dev)
    • lua (= 5.1) (package liblua5.1-dev)
    • uthash
  • Optional dependencies
    • libmagic Comes with the file utility on linux. This allow identification of unknown payloads.
    • libpcap Used to capture packets from live interface as well as reading and saving pcap files. A must have !
    • zlib Used to decompress payloads and packets.
    • libjpeg Used to analyze jpeg images.
    • SQLite (>= 3.x) Database backend to store configurations and other. (on debian wheezy for dev files: libsqlite3-dev)
    • libexif Used to parse exif data from jpeg images.
    • Postgresql Another database backend.

You must have at least one database backend. Currently only sqlite3 is supported.

IMPORTANT If you want to use targets and inputs that uses libpcap or any other feature that requires some special dependency, make sure that you install them before running the ./configure script. On some distributions (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu) you will need to install the -dev package that contains the include files. For example on Debian you would execute “apt-get install libpcap-dev”. The package pkg-config is also very important for the configure script. Make sure you have it installed on your system.




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