MIUI 11 Best Features, Release Date, and Supported Device List

Now that Android 10 is officially out, smartphone users are rushing on Google Search to see if their device is lucky enough to get the latest Android update.

But, Xiaomi users, on the other hand, are not nearly as excited about Android 10 as they are about MIUI 11 — the upcoming OS update on Xaiomi and Redmi devices.

While there is very little information about the upcoming MIUI update, users believe it will be one of the biggest Mi updates ever rolled out. There might be some truth to the claim given the Chinese tech giant has been working on the update for a long time.

Let’s look at some of the main aspects of the MIUI 11 such as MIUI 11 release date, features and the list of supported Mi and Redmi devices. In a nutshell, everything you need to know about the upcoming MIUI update.

MIUI 11 Release Date

Xiaomi is holding a launch event in September for the upcoming Mi 9 Pro and Mi Mix 4. Alongside the new hardware, the Chinese tech giant has confirmed to release MIUI 11 on September 24th.

MIUI 11 is likely to roll out first on Xiaomi flagship devices such as Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K20.

MIUI 11 list of supported devices

In parallel to Android users desperately waiting for Android 10 on their devices, we are seeing a similar emotion in the Xiaomi fans for MIUI 11.

As we told you above, there is extremely little information on MIUI 11. Consequently, we don’t have the entire list of Xiaomi and Redmi devices getting the MIUI 11.

But kudos to that one Xiaomi product manager, we know a bunch of devices that will sure-shot get MIUI 11. In fact, there is a time frame as well.

In Q4 2019, you should expect the rollout of MIUI 11 on Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9 SE, Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Mi Mix 2S, Mi Mix 3, Mi Mix 3 5G. In Q1 2020, expect the rollout of MIUI 11 on Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7 Pro as well.

If the Xiaomi OS update is released as per expectations, it goes without saying the first device to receive MIUI 11 will be Mi Mix 4.

And how can we forget about Xaiomi Android One series? Mi devices that get the authentic bonafide Android experience seen in the likes of Google Pixel 3.

Mi A2 and Mi A3 are certain to get Android 10, however, it’s difficult to say about Mi A1 considering it was released way back in 2017.

MIUI 11 Best Features

Considering all the leaks over the past year and the recent slip-off of a closed MIUI 11 beta from Xiaomi, here are the all the best features coming with MIUI 11 —

1. Design changes to UI

New Icons in MIUI 11 Xiaomi

MIUI 11 will feature a tremendous number of design changes. Most noticeable is the new colorful iconography. Also, there is bold text throughout the interface alongside plenty of white space. The company will also add new animations on the lock screen to choose from.

Apart from that, we are expecting major changes in the MIUI launcher. Reportedly, Xaiomi will debut an app drawer with the upcoming MIUI update, a feature longed for by fans for years.

If not an app drawer, the launcher will still feature a menu on the left on the home screen. There will be new widgets and other changes as seen in Android Q beta on Mi 9.

2. One-click button to turn off ads

Xiaomi Disable Ads MIUI 11

Xiaomi is going to fix one of the biggest problems in the MIUI. The latest update will have a one-button toggle to turn off ads on Xiaomi devices. It’s likely that the users will find the new button in the device privacy settings.

Xaiomi introduced this feature first in MIUI beta version 9.8.29 (MIUI 10 last beta) MIUI 10. We are absolutely certain that the feature will debut in MIUI 11, or at least in the following version.

3. Air-Drop like file-transfer

Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo file transfer

Back in August, Xiaomi joined hands with Oppo and Vivo, under the “Inter-Transfer Alliance group” to create an Air-Drop-like superfast file transfer feature.

The feature will enable Xiaomi users to exchange photos and documents across different platforms via a single tap. The file-transfer will work on Bluetooth and will deliver speeds up to 20 MB/s

We believe that the feature might arrive in MIUI 11, or at least in the later versions of MIUI 11, considering Xiaomi is welcoming others to join.

4. Enhanced Always-On-Display

MIUI 11 always on Display

Always-on-display has been always appreciated by Mi users. In the next MIUI version, users will see more customization options in the feature.

First things first, a Kaleidoscope-style with five different patterns. Furthermore, a dynamic style that will change the look on the basis of sunrise/sunset schedules.

We are also expecting edge lighting that will show up as soon a new notification arrives on your Xiaomi device.

5. Digital Wellbeing, or should I say Screen Time

Screen Time MIUI 11

The Android 9 Pie feature rusting on MIUI 10 beta versions might finally come to all Xiaomi users with MIUI 11.

Digital Wellbeing or Screen Time for Xiaomi users will allow users to track the time spent on their smartphones. They will also be able to limit the time spent on applications.

If you can’t wait to get Digital Wellbeing, here is a method to get Digital Wellbeing features on your current Xiaomi device.

6. Quick Reply

Leaks suggest that Xiaomi MIUI 11 will include the “Quick Reply” feature that was first introduced in the Android 9 Pie. This will allow users to reply on the home screen without needing to open the application.

Initially, a handful of apps would support the feature; however, the supported apps will likely increase in the future.

7. Advanced Location Permission

MIUI 11 will likely have the advanced location permission introduced in the Android 10.

When an app asks for location access, you will be able to enable it for the duration of the time that you have the app open instead of giving never-ending location access to the app.

8. Ultra Power Saving Mode

The next Xiaomi OS update will offer a new ultra power saving. With this mode, all apps and features except texts and calls will be turned off.

The color of the screen will turn black and white. Other than that, you would be able to allow only a certain number of apps while the power saving mode is active.

9. What else to expect in MIUI 11?

  • Re-designed File Manager app with a simple interface
  • Dark Mode scheduler
  • New Lockscreen animations
  • A Dynamic Sound app
  • Casting documents, photos, games, etc with ScreenCast

How to Get MIUI 11 on your Xaiomi device?

In early September, the Chinese tech giant accidentally rolled out a closed MIUI 11 Beta for the public. Before Xaiomi realized the blunder, users were quick enough to install the beta version on their current Xiaomi devices.

Ultimately, Xiaomi took down the closed beta and many of us missed the opportunity. However, let’s not dwell on the past and look at our options.

In a recent announcement, the Chinese tech giant said that they will be rolling out Android 10 on Redmi K20 as early as October.

For users who don’t have Xiaomi flagship, the confirmation from Xiaomi means that MIUI 11 beta version is going to come out only in a few weeks.

But one should know that installing MIUI beta ROMS on your current device is not an easy feat and the risk of bricking the device, not to mention.

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