Mando.Me – Web Command Injection Tool


Mando.Me –  Web Command Injection Tool

This tool is under development, but feel free to use it and improve it as you like. contribution is appreciated…

Since smplshllctrlr a lot has happened:

  • Automated exploit-injection via POST or GET (eg. ./ –cookie “security=low;PHPSESSID=DEADBEEFDEADBEEFDEADBEEFDEADBEEF” –url “https://metasploitable:2280/dvwa/vulnerabilities/exec/” –post “{‘submit’:”,’ip’:_INJECT_}”)
  • Encrypted agent communication
  • Meterpreter/Reverse Shell Injection
  • A more user friendly UI
  • Built in post exlpoitation tools (enumeration, privilege escalation etc.)
  • And much more…


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