GoBuster – Directory/File & DNS Busting Tool in Go

GoBuster is a Go-based tool used to brute-force URIs (directories and files) in web sites and DNS subdomains (with wildcard support) – essentially a directory/file & DNS busting tool.

GoBuster - Directory/File & DNS Busting Tool in Go

The author built YET ANOTHER directory and DNS brute forcing tool because he wanted..

  • … something that didn’t have a fat Java GUI (console FTW).
  • … to build something that just worked on the command line.
  • … something that did not do recursive brute force.
  • … something that allowed me to brute force folders and multiple extensions at once.
  • … something that compiled to native on multiple platforms.
  • … something that was faster than an interpreted script (such as Python).
  • … something that didn’t require a run-time.
  • … use something that was good with concurrency (hence Go).
  • … to build something in Go that wasn’t totally useless.

Using GoBuster Directory/File & DNS Busting Tool

There are many options for GoBuster, these include:

You can download GoBuster here:

Or read more here.

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