Latest Hacking News Podcast #280

Fxmsp Offering Software to Access U.S. Hacked Antivirus Company Networks, 

Dharma Ransomware Abusing Legitimate Anti-virus Tool to Trick Victims And Infect Their Computers

A new variant of Dharma ransomware masquerading as an ESET

Hackers steal source code of top anti-virus firms to sell online

Fxsmsp Threat Group, “a credible hacking collective” is offering to

What is Deception Technology and why Virtual Reality will be the Ultimate Weapon against Cyberattacks

Development with technologies such as Deception Technology has become either

North Korean Hackers Using ELECTRICFISH Tunnels to Exfiltrate Data

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI

Freedom Mobile Exposed 5 Million Records Through Unsecured Database

Once again, researchers have found another unsecured database that exposed

Binance Crypto Exchange Hacked Losing $41 Million Worth Of Bitcoins

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges has recently become