Google Bans App Developer Due to Ad Fraud And Policy Violations

Google has been in the news for cracking down on

Multiple Vulnerabilities In Microsoft Server Infrastructure Allows Arbitrary Code Execution

Researchers have discovered numerous vulnerabilities in Microsoft server. These vulnerabilities,

New Electrum DDoS botnet steals $4.6M after infecting 152,000 hosts

The majority of the bots are located in Brazil and

Latest Hacking News Podcast #272

Database Leaks Personal Information from 80 Million Households, Piracy Streaming

WordPress WooCommerce Plugin Vulnerability Allowed For Arbitrary File Upload

A WordPress WooCommerce plugin vulnerability threatened more than 60,000 websites.

Sensitive data of 80 million US households exposed online

The 24 GB database was hosted on a Microsoft cloud

Hackers Exploiting SS7 Protocol & Inject ATM Malware to Attack Banks and Financial Sectors

The Banking and Financial sectors were hit with a constant

Apple Removed Parental Control Apps Claiming They Threaten Users’ Privacy

Apple has recently cracked down on some screen time apps

80 Million U.S Households Sensitive Personal Data Exposed Online From Unprotected Mystery Database

An unknown mystery database exposed nearly 80 million U.S households

Change your password: Docker suffers breach; 190k users affected

Microsoft says its official Microsoft images hosted in Docker Hub

Hackers targeting embassies with trojanized version of TeamViewer

Researchers believe the trojanized version of TeamViewer is being spread

Docker Hub Data Breach Exposed Sensitive Information From 190,000 Accounts

One of the largest repositories for Docker container images has

5 Cybersecurity Best Practices You Should Be Following Right Now

If you have a business and you don’t have an online

University Of Alaska Data Breach Exposed Personal Information Of UAOnline Students

Once again, a security breach has threatened the online security

How to Protect Your Credit Card Data During Online Shopping

Shopping online has never been easier. A quick Google search

Contract Management Company Evisort Accidentally Exposed Sensitive Documents Publicly

Adding to the trail of data exposure incidents from unsecured

Hackers Abusing Digitally Signed Emails to Launch JasperLoader Malware Via Weaponized Word Document

Security researchers tracked a new malware loader JasperLoader, which has