Fitbit Introduces 4 New Affordable Wearables Starting At $70

Fitbit has announced four new affordable wearables, dubbed the Fitbit

Linux-based PureOS Achieves PC-Mobile Convergence, Purism Claims

In an official blog post, the Linux-powered hardware maker Purism announced

Google Is Planning To Add Digital Driver License In Your Smartphone

Google wants you to stop storing your identification documents like

Tor’s Anti-Fingerprinting Technique ‘Letterboxing’ Coming To Firefox 67

Once again, Mozilla has taken a leaf out of Tor

The Pirate Bay spreading malware PirateMatryoshka via reputed seeders

Cybercriminals often use torrent services to distribute malicious code since

Samsung Galaxy S10 Expected To Ship More Units Than Expected

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series is official and ready to ship

LG Could Be Making A “Stretchable” Smartphone; New Patent Suggests

The Incredibles gave us the elastic girl, and while LG

Update Your Browser Right Now! Chrome Zero-day Under Active Attacks!

Google Chrome’s security lead has warned all the Chrome web

Self-Driving Cars Likely To Hit Dark-skinned Pedestrians More Often: Study

We are slowly entering into the era of self-driving cars.

Zuckerberg Promises Self-Deleting Facebook Messages For More Privacy

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised to introduce end-to-end encryption

Microsoft Open Sources Code Of Windows Calculator On GitHub

Microsoft has open sourced the code of its Windows Calculator

StealthWorker Brute-force Malware Attack on Windows & Linux Platform Via Hacked E-commerce Websites

Researchers discovered a new brute-force malware called StealthWorker that attack

Latest Hacking News Podcast #234

Google reveals patched Chrome flaw was exploited in the wild,

Fileless Banking Malware Steals User Credentials, Outlook Contacts, and Installs Hacking Tool

A new malware campaign focuses on stealing online banking credentials,